• LED Driver Technology

    01.Self-auto-adjust for LED Display
    The brightness uniformity and the output current accuracy are the most critical issues in the LED display application. To achieve these requirements, Chiplus develops the “self-auto-adjust” technology, which enables each output channel to fine-tune its driving current individually, so that the bit-to-bit variation could be precisely controlled. In addition, the IC-to-IC variation could be well controlled consequently with the strict process control during manufacturing and testing.

    02.Programmable-output-gain for LED Display

    Moreover, to overcome the intrinsic luminosity deviation existing within LEDs on the display panel, Chiplus also develop the “programmable-output-gain” function in the LED driver ICs. By this designed-in feature, user only needs to send a set of digital code into the driver-chip, which would be decoded and transferred into 256-steps current level for each output channel, and has the positive feedback to compensate the luminosity deviation between each LED.

    03.Error-detection for LED Display

    For some large-scale display and traffic signal application, it is essential to detect the malfunctioned LED timely and repair it soon. Chiplus designs the “error-detection” feature in our LED driver ICs to fulfill this requirement. It is convenient for user to apply this feature by directly reading the detected data from the serial-out pin.

    04.Auto-count PWM for LED Display

    To improve the color processing capability, Chiplus develops the “auto-count PWM” technology. Through the innovative design technology, our chips could provide widely gray-level range, which let users more convenient to achieve the white-balance demand as well as the fully colored capability in their LED display products.

    05.Thermal-detect & Auto self-protection for LED Lighting
    In most LED lighting applications, the products usually require higher voltage power supply (24V instead of 12V) to pursue the efficient brightness of LED. To fulfill such a specific requirement, Chiplus develops our lighting driver IC with a wide Vcc operation voltage range (5 ~24V) by designing a remarkable DC-to-DC regulator inside our chips. Combining the specific feature with the well-designed serial-output drivers, our chips could support a long-distance cascade signal transmission (>2m) at the frequency up to 15MHz.

    The thermal dissipation issue is also critical for the lighting application. Based on this consideration, Chiplus designs the “thermal-detect” function as well as the “auto self–protection” technique into our products. With the help of special designed technology, the lighting driver ICs could perform excellent thermal-characteristic and ensure the unsurpassed reliability under any severe environment application.

    Memory Technology

    Asynchronous SRAM products

    Chiplus develops full series of asynchronous Super Low Power / Pseudo/ Fast Speed SRAM with the innovative design technology of the Gated-IO technique, the Auto-Sleeping function and 6T/1T1C cell structures since the establishment in 2002. Based on the state-of-the-art design technology and manufactured with the specific fine–tuned Low-Leakage Process , Chiplus offers the outstanding performance of asynchronous SRAM products to our global customers.