• 1.Q:What is the maxium output current capability ?
    A:70mA for each channel (CS8816/CS8818).

    2.Q:What is the output current accuracy?
    A:IC to IC skew: <+/- 4%, bit to bit skew: <+/- 1.5% variation for LED Display driver IC (CS8816/CS8818).

    3.Q:How to replace other supplier's LED Driver ICs with Chiplus LED Driver ICs?
    A:Chiplus LED Driver ICs is pin-to pin compatible to other supplier's Driver ICs. Customers only need to change the external resistors.

    4.Q:What are the Vcc supply voltage ranges of LED Driver ICs?
    A:3~5.5V for 16 bit constant current driver IC in display application,
    5~24V for 3 bit constant current driver IC in lighting application.

    5.Q:Will the " constant current" feature be consistent under various supply voltage?
    A:Yes. Chiplus LED Driver ICs can perform " constant output current" characteristic within supply voltage range ( Vcc = 3~5.5V ; 5~24V).

    6.Q:What is the lead time of LED Driver ICs?
    A:Within one week.

    7.Q:Do the packages meet RoHS standard specification?
    A:Yes. All the packages are green & Pb free packages to meet RoHS standard specification.

    8.Q:Where are the subcontractor production sites of LED driver ICs? A:Wafer manufacturing => Taiwan/Korea ;
    Assembly/Testing => Taiwan.

    9.Q:LED Driver IC Package ordering information ?