2018/09/01 Chiplus announces SDRAM : 512M

Since Chiplus launched the CS56SD512NI-6 512Mbit SDRAM product, the market has given high praise and recognition in the industrial field, the medical equipment and the new retail industry market, many leading companies have successively introduced mass production, hence gaining a huge share of the market.

The CS56SD512NI-6 has very powerful performance, 20% less operating power than other vendors in the industry, and only 1/10 of the rest of the industry in standby power consumption; not only that, but also 512Mbit SDRAM is a single die design, so the yield and reliability are also higher than the industry standard, PIN-TO-PIN is fully compatible with the past MG; Micron, Samsung and Hynix 512Mbit SDRAM, which is why Chiplus launched the CS56SD512NI-6 chip was immediately imported from several major manufacturers.

In addition to high performance, Chiplus also offers very competitive prices and very strong technical support, so that manufacturers who have used other suppliers 512M SDRAM can be replaced more easily, no need to worry about the source channel.

For more details on 512M SDRAM, please contact the official Citrus license.