• 1.Q:What are the advantages of Chiplus Asynchronous SRAM ?
    A:(1) Stable and committed foundry support
           (2) Full series densities support
           (3) Leading edge design technology of low power consumption
           (4) Mass production (>KK/M) with stringent quality and reliability assurance.

    2.Q:What is Chiplus Asynchronous SRAM target market?
    A:All green and handheld application product such as cellar phone, DECT, PDA, WLL, E-book, handy game, POS, E-dictionary, E-learning machine... etc.

    3.Q:What is the typical Icc standby current (25°C) for super low power SRAM?
    A:0.1 ~ 0.5uA for 3V products ; 0.5 ~ 1uA for 5V products.

    4.Q:What is the standard lead time of Asynchronous SRAM?
    A:Within 4~5 weeks.

    5.Q:Do the packages meet RoHS standard specification?
    A:Yes. All the packages are green & Pb free packages to meet RoHS standard specification.

    6.Q:Where are the subcontractor production sites of Asynchronous SRAM?
    A:Wafer manufacturing => China-ShangHai/Taiwan ;
           Assembly/Testing => China-ShangHai /Taiwan.

    7.Q:Part number decoding information?